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Exide Batteries - First name in Batteries

Exide are the result of one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of batteries, Exide Technologies - USA. The production of batteries in Europe is divided in 4 factories: (Italy, Poland, Spain and Germany). Exide batteries are used as the first, original installation in the following vehicle manufacturers: FIAT, BMW, Renault, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Iveco, Volvo Trucks, Scania, JCB, Claas, ... etc..

All batteries are produced in accordance with the latest technologies, which fully match the quality of original spare parts.

We use the latest technologies in the production of batteries:

  • ● The liquid electrolyte Ca - Ca
  • ● AGM
  • ● AGM cells with spiral
  • ● GEL
  • ● VRLA
    • Quality certificate of Exide batteries: Preview

Exide Italy

Exide batteries

The factory in Italy, which is one of the most important in Europe, is located in Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo), where are established laboratories for research and development. There is a developed technology "expanded metal", which is now used in all Exide plants and STS technology (Sealed Technology Safe), which is used by automotive industries as: Fiat, BMV, General Motors, PSA, VV, Renault...

Significant projects are started and initiated in the area of electric vehicles, where Exide is a world leader. Exide Italy has collaborated with prestigious universities of Bologna and Turin, for development of the technology called "Dryfit Drysafe". Several types of hybrid and electric vehicles are already equipped with this type of technology.


"BATTERY EVOLUTION" Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor of "Exide technologies group" for Macedonia.

Adress: Str."3 - ta Makedonska udarna brigada", Complex "Rade Koncar", Municipality of Aerodrom, 1000 Skopje

Email: contact@exide.mk | manager@exide.mk

Phone: 078/31-22-20, 078/31-22-19

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